Northcare Accident and Medical


No one enjoys waiting when it's urgent.

Our team of trusted urgent care doctors are available 8am - 6:30pm every day (except Christmas day), with no appointment needed. They are able to quickly and skilfully manage accidents, injuries and sickness. We are located opposite the Park and Ride at the very centre of the North Shore and are well equipped for emergency care.

Northcare offers onsite x-ray and plastering of fractures. Our orthopaedic specialists are assisted with the latest imaging modalities and provide follow-up clinics.

Already have a doctor? No problem! If you just need something quick or you can't get in to see your regular GP we can share our notes with your doctor to keep them informed.

In New Zealand, ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) provides cover for injury by accident for NZ residents and visitors. Unfortunately this insurance cover does not fully meet the costs of injury care and management so an ACC surcharge applies in some instances.


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