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Quality care for your family.

At Northcare we have a caring and committed team of male and female doctors. Together they offer a comprehensive range of skills and special interests, including diabetes care, cardiovascular medicine, women's and men's health including family planning and sexual health, children's health, aged care, sports medicine and minor surgery including skin surgery, ingrown toenails/wedge resections, tongue ties etc.

We are also able to conduct pre-employment medicals, driving medicals, diving medicals, New Zealand Immigration and Australian Immigration medicals as well as Seafarers medicals. If you require a specific medical, it is better to phone than book online as you may need to see the nurses first and have a longer appointment.

Our doctors operate as a team and patients are encouraged to get to know more than one. Sometimes you may be looking for a doctor with a special skill set or maybe male/female. The doctors are all working from the same notes and the same price applies whichever you choose to book with on the day. Also, we are open extended hours and no individual doctor can be here all the time.

Standard consultations are for up to 15 minutes. We will do our best not to keep you waiting and ask that you recognise our doctors need to keep to time too. For regular prescriptions please make a doctor's appointment for your 3 monthly checkup. We are unable to issue phone prescriptions as we follow Best Practice guidelines which means seeing you personally.

Generally, a doctor can discuss one new problem or two existing issues in a consultation to be thorough. If you have several concerns to discuss, we suggest you return for a second appointment on another day. Two appointments often work well as tests can be run between them. Sometimes you can book two consecutive appointments if you need more time. Your health is as important to us as it is to you. Our objective is to be able to listen to and address your concerns well but to keep to our appointment times. We recognise your time is important too.

If you don't arrive for your booked appointment we will need to charge you a fee of $50.00 as we still need to cover our staffing costs. If you no longer need your appointment or can't make it for any reason, please let us know by telephone as early as possible (2 hrs minimum) so we can give that time to someone else and avoid you being charged.


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