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Northshore Approved COVID-19 Testing

Pre-departure International travel testing special instructions:

Please register for a Covid Swab by clicking on the link ‘Register for Covid Swab’. Please note a government fee applies for all Covid tests required for international travel purposes. Payment is required prior to testing.

Price for Covid-19 PCR swab test is $219 per person per test, including GST. Please also note that all travellers are responsible to check with their own airline/travel adviser/embassy regarding timing and requirements of tests, as these can change frequently. Charges will apply for repeat tests.

(a) Please register your details online using the link above
(b) Email a copy of your passport photo page to reception@northcare.nz
(c) For travel to China only: Both the nasal swab PCR test and the IgM blood test are available at Northcare.  The blood test must be booked in and pre-paid.  Phone us on (09) 479-7770 for an appointment time for your blood test.  Price for PCR swab is $219 + IgM blood test $159 + $378 per person, including GST.  Please note: blood tests at Northcare will require you to bring your vaccine pass to scan in.
(d) Follow the steps below to get your test done

IMPORTANT – Our Covid Result Certificates are not passport verified and do not include a QR code.  Please check with your Airline and Embassy as to your strict requirements. 

For International Travel Only:

Step 1) Drive-through swab testing open 7 days, 8am–5pm. No appointment necessary for swabbing. Please come with your NHI number and mobile phone.

(Note: bookings are essential for the COVID IgM blood test, which is required only if travelling to China or Samoa – please see above). 5 Home Place, Rosedale, North Shore

You can find your NHI number on:

  • a prescription or prescription receipt
  • a prescription medicine bottle label
  • a hospital letter
  • an x-ray or test result

Step 2) Follow signage to testing booth in lower carpark.

Step 3) Ministry of Health will contact you with your results. Most results are back within 48 hours.*

*Please note that Labtests cannot guarantee time frames for results.

Step 4) Our Urgent Care/GP clinic is open 8am-6.30pm, 7 days including public holidays. Check out our website for information about other services we provide.


Fast, safe, outdoor Covid testing is available at Northcare between 8am and 5pm every day (7 days). Northcare is a designated Covid Testing Centre on the Northshore and has been a pop-up CBAC (community-based assessment centre) during the last lockdown.  Testing is done on a drive-through basis.  You arrive, stay in your car and either phone reception or speak to attendants who take your details, print forms and stickers and then take a nasal swab.  We do our best to take the swabs as gently as possible but it can be a bit uncomfortable.  It is very quick.

We understand your time is precious and we pride ourselves on doing our Covid testing fast.  People working for companies who require repeat testing are even faster as once they’ve been for a first test, we can process them more quickly.  We have tried to take the fear factor out of testing and you will find our nurses and testing station fun with music and lights.

For safe, reliable and fast Covid testing on the Northshore come and see us.


For International Travel Only:


7 days (including public holidays)

Phone – (09) 479 7770

We’re located at 5 Home Place, off Constellation Dr, Albany, North Shore. Find us behind Mobil and opposite Farro.

If you require a GP appointment, please phone us directly on 09 479 7770








7 days (including public holidays) 8am-6:30pm

5 Home Place off Constellation Dr, Albany